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Selling a property comes with mixed emotions. For most people there are two constant themes with selling; the best price and in the quickest time possible. There is no better way to achieve that goal than to hire an experienced real estate professional. It is the expertise of the broker upon which you will base your decisions relative to price, marketing, showing, and the ultimate sale of your property.

As REALTORS we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We also combine the newest technology with traditional methods of selling to ensure your property sells for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time possible. When you hire Kay Basta, 5 Star Real Estate Professional, you are hiring the best local real estate specialist.

Why List with Kay Basta at Barb Summers Real Estate?
Experience: With over 20 years experience, we have seen the cycles of Real Estate. We have been through the good times and the bad times. We understand what it means to get you the maximum the market will bear. We know when to advise you to wait for a better offer or if you should accept the one in hand.

Price: Itís all about the price. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, call our competitors, if you are looking to hear the truth, call us.

Marketing: We advertise in a wide array of media, including but not limited to, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Trulia, Zillow, and many other sites.

Availability: We are available every day to show your property. However, we remain respectful of your schedule and privacy when arranging for showings.

Website: Our website is up to date with real live listings; not mock generic ads.

Client Database: We have hundreds of clients viewing our website as well as receiving postcards that your property is on the market.

What is the Selling Process?

Setting a Listing Price
No single factor has more impact on the successful sale of your property than pricing. The price at which you choose to list your home will determine whether or not your home sells in a timely fashion. Because the real estate market is continually changing, and market fluctuations have an effect on property values, it's imperative to select your list price based on the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood. Initially, one of our agents will meet with you and inspect your property. After the inspection, the agent will prepare a FREE comparative market analysis. Study the comparable sales material presented to you, and discuss realistic expectations with your agent to establish a listing price. Keep in mind your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it or what a bank will finance.

Creating a Marketing Strategy
After establishing the listing price, the next step is creating a marketing strategy that will effectively sell your property in the shortest amount of time allowing the highest rate of return. There are no two properties entirely alike, and, as such, a marketing plan should be unique to your home and to your needs. Selling real estate in todayís market takes more than simply a yard sign. Our agents utilize many methods to present your property to ready, willing, and able buyers. A basic marketing strategy typically includes:

  • Alerting buyers in our database
    Placing signage on the property
    Hosting open houses
    Listing the property in MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
    Colorful buyer brochures
    Financing brochures
    Floor plans
    Creating an interactive guide on our website
    Advertising in Realtor.com, Homes.com, The Post Dispatch, The Riverfront Times, ValPak, Zillow, Trulia, and many other sites.

Showing the Property
Being that price is the most important factor; the second crucial factor is the condition of the property. The property needs to look in the best possible condition for potential buyers. First and foremost, clean your home, clear any clutter and debris and make minor repairs. Beyond the small improvements, it is sometimes helpful to add a fresh coat of paint, have the floors cleaned, cut grass and shovel snow. The goal is to make it easier for buyers to see it in its best possible light. The goal of showing your home is to sell it. Buyers should see your home as their potential home. As such, de-personalize your home as best you can by removing any trophies, and souvenirs, etc. It is also important to be aware that strangers will be walking through your house so make sure all valuables are stored in a safe place and anything you do not want others to see is out of sight.

As soon as a property goes on the market, a buyer is able to make an offer. It is the responsibility of the listing agent to present each and every offer to the seller. It is the sole decision of the seller whether to accept, reject, or counteroffer each offer.

A home inspection is a thorough inspection by a professional that evaluates the structural and mechanical condition of a property. It is a typically a contingency of the buyer as it provides an opportunity to determine the condition of the property. The buyer pays for the home inspection and the inspector is working in the interest of the buyer. Donít be surprised if that hole you covered up with a sock becomes something the buyer has a problem with.

The Closing
The day has finally come. Before the closing, the buyer will have an opportunity to walk through the home to ensure it is in the same condition reasonable wear and tear expected. At the closing, you and the buyer along with your respective agents will sit down and sign all of the necessary documents. As a seller, you will need to bring the deed and any and all certificates required by your city and state to sell your property. The closing agent will then place all necessary documents on record at the local registry to reflect transfer of title. Once the deed is recorded, funds are released, and you are ready for that vacation you have been dreaming about. Congratulations.

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